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Every Information Technology department has service delivery obligations. Obligations range from 24x7 for global operations to 9-5 for smaller regional companies. Without real time access to data, productivity suffers and can grind to a halt. Information is a company's heartbeat. The cost of downtime varies between companies and changes over time. Major data center projects and decisions require understanding downtime cost.


To support an understanding of the Boston, Massachusetts colocation market the information below presents recent history and trends. While every domestic market has unique characteristics, the high level overview below is a starting point for additional information presented on this site. Our Bedford, NH based company is uniquly qualified for enterprise, colocation, and cloud data center evaluations. The ICE brochure presents our services and can be forwarded to your team.            

Legacy Enterprise & Colocation Data Centers

Many existing data centers date back to the late 1990's, boom, and years leading up to Y2K. After the bubble burst, brand new data centers with no paying customers went dark. Many of the data centers that went dark are now owned by prominent corporations, colocation operators, and cloud service providers. The legacy infrastructure in some sites is no longer manufactured or factory serviced. At the end of factory service new parts become scarce and risk increases. Newly constructed data center space may be supported by totally different infrastructure than the leagacy data center space in the same building.  

Data Center Supply & Demand

As outsourced data centers and services gained popularity, supply was limited for a number of years. Eventually, supply increased as newly constructed data centers came on line. Today, supply and demand for data center space appears to have reached balance in the Boston, Massachussetts and New England markets. 

Data Center Reliability

Data center certification and professional assessment provides tools to evaluate and benchmark sites. While Uptime certifications are not 'industry standards' they are regarded globally as design standards and indication of performance prognosis. Uptime offers multiple certifications. Data centers with Uptime certifications are listed by name and address at

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions in the colocation market are ongoing as the industry continues to mature. Ownership change can be positive and bring infrastructure improvements along with implementation of procedures. It's common for operations personnel to be retained by new management during and after acquisitions. If a data center is not well documented, and key personnel leave, the site knowledge base could be lost or disrupted for a period of time.

Rate of Change

Approval of new Information Technology projects arrive with short notice along with time to market demands that can be daunting. This creates tremendous pressure on Information Technology Departments and existing data centers. Squeezing more space, power, and cooling out of an existing data center is cost effective but not always possible. Approval of capital required for data center improvements can take a long time. This can elevate review of outsourcing applications or the entire data center to the top of the action list. When this happens it's time to implement a colocation evaluation plan.